Book a free demo

Get in touch with your personal Holaspirit Specialist!

During a 30 minute demo, a specialist will show you all the functions of Holaspirit:

  • org chart design
  • meeting templates
  • role and policy documentation
  • decision-making process by consent
  • alignment between purpose, goals and projects

You'll be able to share your requirements, ask questions, and review ways Holaspirit can help your organization.

Holacracy or Sociocracy practitioner? 

Let us know when you book the demo if you'd like us to focus on Holacracy rules or Sociocracy principles during our product walkthrough.

​​How long will the demo last?
The demo will last 30 minutes or less if you're in a hurry. 
​​​​​​Will I have an opportunity to ask questions during the demo?
Absolutely! We want this to be as helpful and interactive as it can be. In order to help our specialist prepare, please take the time to answer a couple of questions during the booking process.
What time zone is the calendar set in?
By default, the calendar shows Central European Time but you can change that to ensure the time slots work in your time zone.
What if I can't find a suitable time in your calendar?
No worries! Please fill out this contact form with your availabilities. Don't forget to specify a time zone.